The Next Generation of AI Requires a Novel Approach Inspired by How the Brain Actually Works

Today’s machine learning systems are built on an old theory of how the human brain works – a mathematical theory that believes our brains process and understand information using calculations. We now know that the human brain uses patterns to process data and learn. So if our brains are pattern-based, why is current AI technology – which claims to mirror the brain – still based on old mathematical theories?

We believe the promise of artificial intelligence cannot be achieved with outdated theories and legacy machine learning models. The next generation of AI requires a truly novel approach that is inspired by the way the brain actually works.

Natural Intelligence Systems is dedicated to building the software and hardware that will emulate the pattern-based learning of the human brain and provide the new level of context and explainability to our AI systems.

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The Natural Intelligence Team

A grey-scale headshot of Paul Dlugosch

Paul Dlugosch

A grey-scale headshot of Indranil Roy

Indranil Roy
SVP of R&D

A grey-scale headshot of Matt Tanner
Matt Tanner
VP Customer Engineering

Gavin Huggins
Director of System Development

Johanna Marcelia
Director of Data Science and Analytics

Matthew Adsitt
Sr Software Developer

Ali Naji
Data Scientist

Heonsoo Lee
Research Scientist

Jon Meyer
Sr Software Engineer

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