Learn Faster with Less Data.

Natural Intelligence provides an AI toolkit that delivers trusted, interpretable results and accurate predictions in situations where there is minimal data available. Natural Intelligence attains state of the art accuracy with as little as 5% of the data required for today’s leading ML systems, and continuously learns – automatically identifying anomalies and new classifications.

Natural Intelligence Solution

Pattern-based Machine Learning Model

Continuous learning identifies anomalies, new clusters and data drift.

Enterprise Cloud Service on AWS

Easy access on secure cloud infrastructure.

Access Using the Tools You Know

Python and Jupyter: More to come!


Accurate with Small Data Sets

Requires as little as 5% of the data of state of the art models

Works with Lower Quality Data

Resilient to data issues including missing values, noisy data, or irregular entries

Reduce Model Maintenance

Continuous learning reduces or eliminates the need for retraining

Explains Results

Explanation chart describes factors behind predictions, anomalies and new clusters

Detects Anomalies and New Classifications

Automatically identify anomalies and other changes in the data

Adapts to Drifting Data

Data drift can be identified and (optionally) the model can adapt and track the drifting data

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