Neuromorphic Computing System

Develop models within your standard workflow using Python and Jupyter Notebooks.


Our Pattern-based Machine Learning system is available as a Platform as a Service on AWS.

Train and Predict

Deliver predictions and explanations to your application using our APIs.


Leveraging the amazing processing method of the human brain.

The Challenge

Data Scientists increasingly run into the shortcomings of today’s AI systems: Predictions that are opaque and models that require huge datasets to train and yet are brittle – thus requiring constant retraining. They face big tradeoffs between accuracy, explainability and flexibility.

Our Solution

The Natural Intelligence Neuromorphic computing architecture pushes past the constraints of today’s AI/ML systems by delivering more useful, understandable and actionable information while reducing the time and cost associated with collecting and labeling data.

Benefits of a Pattern Based Machine Learning approach

a generic chemical structure colored grey and yellow in front of binary code

Built-in Explainability

Provides factors behind predictions, anomalies and new clusters, describing signatures of your observations. Understand drivers behind your model and build confidence in your results.

Accurate with Imbalanced Data

No need to balance training data sets. Learn new classes independently without requiring retraining of the entire model.

Yellow circles, squares and triangles on a graph connected by black lines

Accurate with Small Data Sets

Requires a fraction of the data of Artificial Neural Networks.
‎ ‎

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Resilient to Low Quality Data

Resilient to data issues including missing values, noisy data, or irregular entries.

Reduce Model Maintenance

Online learning reduces or eliminates the need for retraining. Independently train new classes.‎ ‎

Standard Workflows

Natural Intelligence integrates with your environment, increasing speed to adoption.

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Learns New Classes Quickly

Automatically identify anomalies and other changes in the data with few shot learning techniques.

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Adapts to Drifting Data

Data drift can be identified and (optionally) the model can adapt and track the drifting data.

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