New VP of Data Science and Analytics Role

BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 25, 2021 — Natural Intelligence Systems (NIS), the groundbreaking pattern-based artificial intelligence (AI) start-up today announced the appointment of Aimee Lougee as the company’s Vice President of Data Science and Analytics. Lougee, who previously served as a Senior Research Scientist at NIS, is part of a growing leadership team guiding the company to its next phase of innovation following successful participation in the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator Program in August 2020. In her new role, Lougee will be responsible for expanding the NIS data science team, as well as training and refining the company’s novel AI model.

With over a decade of experience, Lougee is familiar with the common pain points of today’s AI: data wrangling, massive dataset requirements, speed of computation, and model retraining. Before joining the NIS team, she served as one of the first Data Scientists at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) and was pivotal in the organization’s adoption of machine learning methodology. During her tenure, she helped develop DCRI’s first natural language processing model to successfully classify cardiovascular events in a clinical trial, as well as the organization’s first risk-based monitoring algorithm. Today, she remains dedicated to solving legacy data issues within the healthcare industry, one of the key markets NIS aims to serve.

“The problems our customers are asking us to solve are pushing the limits of AI. When it comes to tackling hurdles like explainability, dataset requirements, continuous learning, and beyond, Aimee is the right person to build our growing team and inspire us to find the right solutions,” said Natural Intelligence Systems’ CEO Paul Dlugosch. “Her experience in the healthcare field will guide us as we look to expand our footprint within this crucial industry.”

“I am excited to help our customers solve some of the most impactful problems in AI as we know it,” said Lougee. “Our pattern-based model provides data scientists with a new set of capabilities that address many of the limitations of today’s machine learning systems. From healthcare to defense, we will usher AI into a new era where enterprise adoption accelerates as previously unsolved problems are solved.”

To learn more about the work NIS is doing to create an AI model that delivers faster decisions with less data and total confidence, visit

About Natural Intelligence Systems Natural Intelligence Systems is an artificial intelligence (AI) Company pioneering a pattern-based AI model inspired by the human brain. A 2020 graduate of the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator, NIS is dedicated to taking AI out of the black box and supplying enterprises a solution that provides explainability, accuracy and energy efficiency. Find out more at

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